Milton Fields:
A Natural Burial Ground

Welcome to Milton Fields. As Atlanta’s only ‘green’ burial cemetery, we provide conservation based, cost effective, eco-friendly burial services to those of all faiths. Milton Fields is committed to organic burial practices that are in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings.

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We Offer Quality & Value
Extraordinary Peace of Mind

Milton Field's green cemetery is maintained in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards. We are the only perpetual care green cemetery licensed by the Georgia Cemetery Board of the Secretary of State's office. A green burial is an environmentally sustainable alternative to conventional funerals. We offer natural burial grounds, with green burial plots in quiet and beautiful surroundings, and a memorial nature preserve. We invite you to call or visit to experience the natural beauty and serenity of Milton Fields.

Milton Fields honors those who desire a simple, natural approach to the end of life. As it pays tribute to the deceased, it also celebrates the living by preserving green space. The low impact, sustainable approach of a natural burial ground does not alter the landscape's beauty. One hundred years from now, the land will look much the same as it does today. For your FREE consultation or to learn more, please email us here or call us at (404) 372-5446.