Natural Burial Grounds

Milton Fields

A Natural Burial Ground

As Atlanta’s only green burial cemetery, Milton Fields provides eco-friendly, yet cost-effective burial services for your loved ones.

We are committed to conserving natural surroundings by using organic burial practices. Our burial grounds are welcome to those of all faiths and religions.

Environmental Harmony

Green burials incorporate renewable, biodegradable materials to create a more natural way for the departed to return to the earth, minimize environmental impact and provide a dignified and lasting memory.

Peace of Mind

In addition, Milton Fields can provide a funeral, memorial service, or an engraved stone marker, and accepts cremated remains. We are currently reserving spaces for anyone that is interested. Give yourself a peace of mind knowing this part of the journey has already been thought through.

Eco Friendly Option

Environmentally sustainable. We use renewable and biodegradable materials that minimize environmental impact and gives the body a more natural departure back into the earth.

Quality & Value

As our natural approaches to the end of life honor the deceased, they also celebrate the living by preserving green space. The landscape’s beauty will stay the same throughout hundreds of years, providing quiet, grass fields for other individuals and wildlife to enjoy.

Eco Friendly & Conservation Based Green Burial Perpetual Care Cemetery.
Milton Fields offers a simple, natural approach which respects the end of life while honoring the environment. We are the only green burial perpetual care cemetery in the state of Georgia, licensed by the Georgia Office of the Secretary of State. Located in rural North Atlanta, Milton Fields looks across lovely hardwood forests, gentle rolling hills and green pastures. You will discover the beauty and serenity that the first pioneering family recognized when they chose to homestead this property in the 1800’s.

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