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Natural Burial Grounds

A Natural Burial Ground

As Atlanta’s only green burial cemetery, Milton Fields provides eco-friendly, yet cost-effective burial services for your loved ones.

We are committed to conserving natural surroundings by using organic burial practices. Our burial grounds are welcome to those of all faiths and religions.

5 CommonMyths About Green Burials

Natural burial options have become more and more popular in recent years, and the trend is likely to continue into the foreseeable future as concern for preserving the environment grows. Unfortunately, there are alot of misconceptions out thereabout green burials, so allowus to clear up some of the most common myths about green burial for you. Read on for everything you need to know.

Myth 1: Green Burial is Illegal While it is true that some cemeteries do not allow natural burials, the truth of the matter is that there are relatively few laws with regards to burials at all. There is a big difference between something being against the law and merely against the policies of a particular cemetery. If the cemetery near you doesn’t permit green burials, you still have other options available to you, so don’t give up your search after just one cemetery.

Myth 2: Embalming Is Necessary Many people mistakenly believe that a body must be embalmed in order to be buried, but this is not true at all. Many funeral directors push people into embalming by advising that it is the best way to ensure the body looks”good”during the viewing. However, it is not a requirement for a burial. In fact, embalming releases harmful chemicals into the environment, both during the process and as the body decomposes. Embalming is nota part of a natural burial.

Myth 3: The Remains Can Contaminate the Groundwater There are regulations that govern how closely bodies can be buried to water supplies, and this leads many people to believe that the concern is with the bodies themselves. However, it is actually many of the items that are buried along with the body that pose the greatest threat. The materials used to make the coffin, the embalming chemicals, items placed inside the coffin and the construction of the grave itself are all more dangerous to the water supply than the actual body, which poses minimal risk. Of course, it is still important to bury the body far enough away from the groundwater supply, but in order to comply with regulations, not because the body itself is dangerous.

Myth 4: Animals Will Dig Up the Body This is a common concern for those who are unfamiliar with the concept of green burial. However, there is no need to worry. There has never been are ported instance of animals digging up a naturally buried body. Regulations require that human remains be buried so that there is at least two feet of soil between the body and the surface of the ground. This serves as a scent barrier, blocking any odors that might attract scavenging animals.

Myth 5: Green Burial Is Expensive It comes as a surprise to many people that natural burials tend to be far less costly than traditional burial services. By eliminating the embalming component, you can save alot of money. Many green burials also wrap the remains in a cotton shroud, rather than burying them in a coffin, adding to the savings. Cemetery fees at green burial sites are often more affordable as well. Get in touch with us at Milton Fields today to learn more about our green burial options in Atlanta.

Environmental Harmony

Green burials incorporate renewable, biodegradable materials to create a more natural way for the departed to return to the earth, minimize environmental impact and provide a dignified and lasting memory.

Peace of Mind

In addition, Milton Fields can provide a funeral, memorial service, or an engraved stone marker, and accepts cremated remains. We are currently reserving spaces for anyone that is interested. Give yourself a peace of mind knowing this part of the journey has already been thought through.

Eco Friendly Option

Environmentally sustainable. We use renewable and biodegradable materials that minimize environmental impact and gives the body a more natural departure back into the earth.

Eco Friendly & Conservation Based Green Burial Perpetual Care Cemetery.

Milton Fields offers a simple, natural approach which respects the end of life while honoring the environment. We are the only green burial perpetual care cemetery in the state of Georgia, licensed by the Georgia Office of the Secretary of State. Located in rural North Atlanta, Milton Fields looks across lovely hardwood forests, gentle rolling hills and green pastures. You will discover the beauty and serenity that the first pioneering family recognized when they chose to homestead this property in the 1800’s.

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