Planning a funeral doesn’t have to be such a stressful experience. Here are a few suggestions from the professionals at Milton Fields in Georgia on how you can save costs on funeral planning without sacrificing quality.

  1. Ask for Upfront Pricing

    Most reputable funeral homes will be more than happy to provide you with a full pricing list for everything from flowers to music to transportation. Check the list carefully for areas in which you may be able to secure less expensive services.
  2. Skip Embalming

    Not only does embalming involve dozens of noxious chemicals, it’s one of the most expensive components of a traditional burial. Ask your funeral home whether they require embalming and if so, consider a green burial which utilizes refrigeration instead.
  3. Have a Green Burial

    Embalming isn’t the only way green burials can save you money. Green caskets are simpler, more natural, and significantly less expensive than traditional caskets which can run into thousands of dollars. Green burial grounds like Milton Fields also do not require the purchase of expensive underground “vaults” or burial containers; bodies and/or natural caskets are interred directly in the earth.
  4. Consider Cremation
    If you know your loved one had no objections to cremation on religious or personal grounds, talk to a crematorium about the service. It’s a respectful and cost-effective way to send off your loved one and you can still hold any ceremony you like. You can even bury cremated remains like you would a casket.
  5. Talk to Your Loved One

    The best way to save on funeral costs is to talk to your loved one now about their final wishes. Discuss the items they care most about and make a plan that respects their last wishes as well as a budget you agree on. No one wants their funeral costs to put financial strain on their loved ones.

Milton Fields is Atlanta’s only green burial cemetery. Offering quality, value, and peace of mind, it’s a natural answer that honors your loved one for far less than the cost of a traditional burial.

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