People from all over the country are noticing how expensive it is to have a funeral. Typical funerals at the funeral home all together can easily cost you anywhere between $10,000 and $15,000. Unless this money is set aside prior to your passing, this cost can put your family under great stress. A more affordable alternative involves cremation.

While being cremated is cheaper than a standard funeral with embalming, total costs can increase close to $10,000 depending on the services you choose from the funeral home. Below we list some ideas if you are interested in having a cremation service in Georgia.

How Does Cremation Work?

Cremation is a specially designed process that reduces the body to basic elements by exposing it to heat, flames and evaporation. The cremated remains are often called ashes. Family members can keep these ashes in a vase or urn. Some people ask to have them spread at a place they loved. Another option is to have the ashes buried naturally.

Where Can you be Cremated in Georgia?

There are multiple places to be cremated in Georgia. Many funeral homes or chapels have their own crematoriums. There are also stand-alone buildings regulated by the state that offer cremation services. Talk to your local funeral home or crematorium and ask any questions you may have – some may offer all-inclusive packages.

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to a funeral home service, you may want to consider cremation and natural burial. Direct cremation starts around $1,000, and some natural burial grounds in Georgia such as Milton Fields only charge $500 for a scattering of ashes. Additionally, you’ll have the option to bury the ashes and purchase a headstone or marker so loved ones can visit and memorialize you.

Places to Have a Cremation Service in Georgia

If you would like to be cremated, but still have a service similar to a traditional funeral, you can. Funeral homes can provide a viewing of the body prior to cremation where friends and family gather and show respect to the deceased. You can also have a service with singing, praying and preaching, and have other family members or friends say a few words. Keep in mind that funeral homes typically charge extra for each service you add.

One way to save thousands in funeral costs is to have a small service at a natural burial ground or green cemetery.

Why Choose Milton Fields for the Scattering of Your Ashes

Located just an hour outside of Atlanta, Milton Fields is the #1 choice in Georgia when it comes to natural burial. In addition to natural burial services, the green cemetery offers scattering of ashes. For just $500 you can have your ashes spread professionally with beautiful green fields and rolling hills as a backdrop.

Here to make your hard time easier, Milton Fields provides the following other services:

  • Burial of ashes with a headstone or marker
  • Options to plant a tree near your loved one’s ashes
  • The ability to have a small funeral service.

 We understand the passing of a loved one is very difficult, and that is why we offer affordable funeral and cremation services. Call to learn more about natural burial or schedule a visit. 404-372-5446