Milton Fields:
A Natural Burial Ground

Eco Friendly and Cost Effective Burial

Extraordinary Value

Milton Fields offers exceptional value. Traditional funeral expenses are rising today at an alarming rate - 10% per year. Milton Fields provides an eco-friendly conservation based approach to saving thousands of dollars and provides an attractive, serene alternative for internment. Our beautiful property, coupled with our passionate belief in environmental harmony means you receive the best value for your investment.

Cost Effective Solution

Today, everyone is concerned with eco-friendly issues. Traditionally, going green meant spending thousands more. Here at Milton Fields, we deliver better value and a green solution for less. Conservation based eco-friendly funeral and internment can save you more than 40% as apposed to traditional internment, and the long term environmental impact of chemicals and other materials is greatly reduced.

Milton Fields is committed to delivering exceptional value and quality.

Quality and ValueEco Friendly Peace of mind

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