It’s sad to talk about, but everyone experiences a death in the family or to a close friend at some point in their life. More often than we think, this happens unexpectedly. Planning a funeral is difficult in itself, but even more so when no previous preparations were made. Read below as we discuss several funeral preparation tips and how you can save money throughout the process.

Is Natural Burial Cheaper Than a Traditional Funeral?

Natural burial is a great choice when trying to save money because it requires no embalming, no fancy caskets, and no expenses going toward the overpriced funeral home. The average person saves $8,000 when they choose a natural burial instead of a traditional burial service.

You can expect to spend $10,000 or more with a funeral home, so how much does a natural burial cost?

A Natural Burial Typically Costs Between $500 and $2,000.

This Varies Based on the State, Natural Burial Ground, and Services You Select.

To get a more accurate estimate for natural burial, you should consider a few things:

  • What State Will The Natural Burial Take Place?
    Natural burial will vary depending on the state the burial takes place. Certain states have rules and regulations on natural burial, so check with your local natural burial ground to have your specific questions answered. This will give you a better idea on how much your natural burial will cost.
  • Is There A Specific Natural Burial Site You Want to Use?
    Since natural burial is a growing topic, finding a natural burial site in your state should be pretty easy. Do your research to see if there is a burial ground that offers more of the services you are looking for, whether a spreading of ashes or simply a natural burial.
  • Do You Want Any Additional Funeral Services?
    Some natural burial grounds go above and beyond to make your natural burial the best possible experience. Milton Fields, located in Georgia is known for a variety of their additional services at either no or little cost. Ask your local natural burial ground if they can do the following:
    • Offer a small funeral or memorial service
    • Allow you to pre-purchase plots for you and/or your family
    • Provide a stone marker to note where your loved one was buried
    • Plant a dogwood tree next to a loved one’s ashes or whole body burial

Milton Fields, an hour outside of Atlanta is happy to assist you with any accommodations they can, including all of the above, making the burial and funeral process easier for you.

To learn more about natural burials, take a look at our Ultimate Guide for Natural Burials or contact Milton Fields today.

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As Georgia’s only green burial perpetual care cemetery, Milton Fields is dedicated to burying the deceased in a way helpful for the environment and generations to come! When choosing natural burial, you save thousands of dollars and are benefiting the local ecosystem and wildlife.

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